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ContentBoard helps discover fresh and high quality content curated by a community of long-time content experts.

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Our sales manager talking about ContenBoard features and functions.

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More than just a content reading platform

a community of 5000+ content, contribute to grow their personal brands or blogs.

These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.

Multi-step content moderation process that ensures the best quality possible.

Years of Experience
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Multiple distribution channels
Distribute your content aggregation to multiple channels like chrome extension or embed it into your web application or cms.
Unlimited articles
Using content board add unlimited number of articles without any limitation under the tags that represent the content most
Different content sources
Web articles, facebook, twitter, youtube and other resources can be added to content board.Just copy/paste the URL
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Data-driven content

It’s possible to aggregate content manually,
but in today’s data-driven world, automated
content aggregation, with the help of
software tools like content board, is more
common and practical.

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Who can use ContentBoard?

Break down departmental data silos to empower solutions across your entire enterprise. Discover the value of data unity.

Journalists & Media pulishers
Those who gather news and other materials from various sources for publication on their own Web sites
Marketers & content creators
Those who syndicate content, gathering and distributing material that suits their customers’ needs
Web researchers & Students
Those who are interesting in specific topics and need to be informed by the new feed.
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The easy, safe way to manage online content at work
$0 /m
  • Easy to use app
  • Widget generator
The easy, safe way to manage online spending at work
$9 /m
  • Easy to use app
  • Widget generator
  • Neat dashboard
  • Helpful support
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We've Help Media Publisher Increase Productivity

Content-oriented listeners are interested in the message itself, whether it makes sense, what it means,
and whether it’s accurate.

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CEOs, Journalists, Content creators and news editors at companies of every size and industry rely on ContentBoard to take control of their content aggregation.